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Options for Outdoor Lighting

There are so many options available when it comes to outdoor lighting and this is an essential element to consider as this will improve both the security and aesthetics of your outdoor space. Outdoor spaces can be a backyard, front garden, porch, deck, verandah or even a balcony.

You can also be quite creative when it comes to outdoor light fittings as these don’t necessarily need to be very bright. And the outdoor lighting can add visual interest to your garden or backyard creating a beautiful sight at night. For a whimsical touch, you can install string lights in your garden and these can create a cosy impression as well. You can use these in so many different ways because of their versatility.

They will not shed a lot of bright light but they can bring in a cosy and romantic ambience to any place. You can have them on your pergolas or trees to create a whimsical feeling. This can be ideal for a party as well. Something you need to carefully plan out is pathway lighting. You need to make sure that driveways and walkways on your property are adequately illuminated. There are also different ways you can illuminate pathways such as using in-ground lights, overhead lights, spotlights etc.

Spotlights are commonly used outdoors for illumination

And these can be used to highlight ornamental features on the property such as sculptures, trees and architectural details. They can also be used to improve security around your house by illuminating any dark areas. Once you install a spotlight, it can be aligned to better direct illumination to where you want. But areas where you want to illuminate sufficiently, you will need to go with floodlights. These can illuminate large areas like a backyard, parking area or driveway. You can choose a brightness level for the floodlight. These can also be integrated into a smart system where you can control lighting through your phone. Then there are also motion detection lights you can have around the perimeter of your house.

Wall sconces can be used to light up your outdoor space with some decorative flair

These can be found in traditional and modern styles to suit your home design. You can illuminate plants, landscaping features like sculptures and water features using landscape lighting. Some examples for landscape lighting are in-ground and stake lights. You can also illuminate your outdoor deck using post cap lights and stair lighting. Solar lights are a great option for outdoor lighting as these are powered by the sun and you don’t need to use any kind of wiring.

And you can use these for the pathways and to illuminate the landscape. If you have tables outdoors, you can also use lanterns for a rustic effect and this can provide ambient lighting. These are made with wicker or metal and you can have those illuminated using candles or LED lights. Also, for outdoor spaces, a fire pit is a great way to provide both warmth and light. And this can be the focal point of your outdoor space.

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