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Choosing Between an Acoustic and Classical Guitar

Choosing a guitar can be a difficult task and you will need a bit of time to try out a few guitars and understand the sound. Acoustic and classical guitars are two of the most common guitar types and they have two unique sounds. The playing style is also quite different and they complement different styles of music.

The common music genres acoustic guitar electric and acoustic guitars can be used with are country, rock and folk music. These guitars are usually made of wood and have a hollow body. This hollow body ensures that the sound resonates beautifully when strings are played. You can use the fingers or a pick to play the guitar and you can strum or flat-pick the strings to create sound. And this is a versatile instrument that can be played in different settings. You can use these in large concerts as well as for small solo performances.

The classical guitar is usually for classical music but this can be used to play other genres as well. These have nylon strings compared to the steel strings in an acoustic guitar. And this has a wider neck. The sound is very mellow and soft which is great for classical pieces. The body of a classical guitar is usually smaller than an acoustic guitar and people generally play it with fingers.

There is a big difference

When it comes to the sound produced by a classical and an acoustic guitar. There is a bright and bold sound for acoustic guitars while a mellow sound is produced by classical guitars. This soft sound is great for playing individual notes. And the bright sound of the acoustic guitar is great for playing chords. When choosing between the two, you need to think about the style of music you like the best and the sound you want to create.

You can listen to many performances online that are done with both acoustic and classical guitars to see what you prefer. This will also give you an idea of the limits when it comes to the two instruments. The steel strings in an acoustic guitar have to be adjusted and changed regularly. Comparatively, maintenance for a classical guitar is less because of the nylon strings. However, you will still need to change them regularly. And you need to handle classical guitars carefully because of the delicate strings.

The size of these two instruments differs as the acoustic guitars are generally larger and heavier

Therefore, they can be a little more difficult to hold and play for a long time. And as the classical guitar has a light weight and a small body, this is a good instrument for beginners to learn. And this is also a good instrument for those with small hands. You need to consider the cost for these two instruments as well. Classical guitars can be found at a more affordable rate compared to acoustic guitars but this depends largely on the quality of the instrument, the brand and the model. Also, when there are high end features such as electronic pickups and solid wood construction, it can drive up the price of acoustic guitars.

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