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How to Select a Winter Quilt?

The right winter quilt will ensure you have restful sleep and keep you warm and comfortable. There will be many quilt options on the market but you have to consider several factors before selecting the right choice.

There are different fillings for bed quilts and these will affect the warmth and comfort provided. Down is a common type of filling for quilts and it is very lightweight and can provide a lot of warmth. This has very good insulation but if you suffer from allergies, it is best to avoid it. Feather quilts are also quite similar to down but they are more affordable. They tend to be quite heavier than the down quilts. If you have allergies, you can consider a synthetic quilt.

Some of these will have polyester fillings so that you can enjoy the warmth without this triggering your allergies. These are cost-effective and you can also wash these quilts in the washing machine which can be very convenient. For a naturally breathable filling, you can select wool and this is a good material for regulating temperature. So if you tend to sleep hot or cold, you can select a wool quilt as this will adapt to your body temperature easily. You have to consider how much you are willing to spend, your preferences and allergy concerns when selecting a filling.

The weight of the quilts can vary as well

Lightweight quilts are ideal for mild winters or if you prefer to sleep in a cooler environment. You can also select a medium weight as this tends to be quite versatile and you will be able to enjoy the warmth and breathability of the quilt. If you experience heavy winters or you want to have extra warmth, a heavyweight quilt is the right one for you. You have to consider the climate of your location when selecting the weight. The casing of the quilt has to be considered as well because it affects the breathability and durability of the quilt. Cotton is quite soft and breathable. This tends to last a long time as well so this is commonly chosen for quilt casings. It will feel comfortable against your skin as well.

Microfiber casings are soft and durable

If you have allergies, this is a good option as these are hypoallergenic. Microfiber is resistant to dust mites. For a smooth finish quilt casing, you can consider sateen. But this is not a very breathable material compared to cotton. Think about the ideal size of the quilt for your requirements. These come in standard sizes such as king, queen, full and twin. You can also select oversized options so that you have more coverage. But make sure to consider the size of your bed when selecting the quilt size. Check the care instructions as well because some quilts will require dry cleaning. You also need to check whether it has to air dry or if it can be tumble dried. You can choose an option based on your lifestyle.

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